High Priestess-in-training Thalu Lham Ragoth, her hand, to the High Priest Hagadorn, concerning the mission to Kanpeki,

"Honored sir, it was convenient that, just before we set out for the Kanpecki empire, the Ambassador should return with news of an upcoming attack on Kell Delta, which, should it succeed, would give the Empire a convenient launching point against Ablach itself. One imagines that such impetus would have reassured certain Council members about the necessity of seeking stronger ties with the other enemies of the Empire. While one was also glad for the company of T'Skry and his subcommander Iaptra, one cannot help but wonder what the long journey did to the already depressively serious Guardian. As it was, he seemed to have found a kind of companionship in the form of the warrior Harn. On occasion they did spar on the deck of the Pearl Claw. While I had seen the T'saaur in battle before, I did not realize the extent of his skill with the harpoon. If he were he willing, honored sir, I would recommend he be invited to aid in the training of the soldiers upon our return.

"Thor's Divide was a beautiful, ancient city that I was grateful my duties allowed me to see. Sparrow was also quite grateful to reach the city; perhaps it was due to Lavinia's brief attempt to truly launch the ship into the air by speed alone. We were lodged in the impressive central spire and met by the Tomashigen-trained ranger Motoki, our guide to the court of the Empire of Kanpecki. I had not realized that we would not be using the Arcadia to travel to Kanpecki. Motoki explained that the city's isolation from approach by air was due to the sosenkaze. He explained how the wind current allowed Kanpecki itself to launch air ships and isolated it from incoming air ships. We were assured that by the time we returned, the Arcadia would be fit for travel. Iaptra, Lavinia, and Captain Tanis and his crew stayed with the damaged air ship while we journeyed to Kanpecki by horse. Motoki informed us about the Tomashigen in response to our curiosity. He said they were spirit people, those who delt with spirits, who lived in the northern mountains of the ice shield. According to the ranger, they were not strictly obedient to the Kanpecki Empire. Moreover, Motoki informed us that the Fangs were an influential Tomashigen family. Motoki knew of a Tomashigen town close to Kanpecki and accepted our request to guide us there to speak with the spirit people directly after we finished our negotiations with Yamahachi, the Emperor of Kanpecki.

"Honored sir, I would admit that the idea of presenting our proposed alliance to the Kanpecki Emperor nearly frightened a year's molt out of me. Words quite flew from my grasp as I tried to compose a polite way of asking for Kanpecki air ships both to guard the island of Ablach and to join with Ablach and the Draiocht of the Highgreen mountains to fight for Kell Delta. Thus, I must admit to seeing very little outside of our apartments in Kanpecki. Perhaps this was for the best, for Motoki advised us that in Kanpecki all of our actions would be watched and analyzed. Which leads me to wonder just what they thought of the Exemplar in our company, occupied building strange devices. One did not know what to think of it, oneself, honored sir. One decided one should consult the other person who vouched for his behavior to the Council of Ablach.

"Before our audience with the Emperor Motoki advised that, as ambassadors, Kuun and I had rank equal to the highest nobles in the court. This was meant to reassure, and it almost worked. To my embarrassment, honored sir, I let mainly stood by as Kuun spoke, for he was the unknown factor. Regretfully, the audience could have gone better. The Emperor respectfully declined the alliance and the aid we requested. He described a border problem involving ancestral wraiths that required his troops' attention. In the relative safety of our apartments Motoki described to us a polite way in which we still might gain the Emperor's good will. If we were to find a way for the Tomashigen to solve the spirit problem, the Emperor would be in our debt: third-party intervention versus forcing the Emperor to admit that he does not control the Tomashigen. Thus, after waiting a day out of respect, we informed the Emperor of our desire to tour the beautiful countryside surrounding Kanpecki. One could only hope that the Tomashigen would be willing to aid the Emperor."


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